I cannot recommend Ennis Montessori School highly enough. All three of my sons attended there and the moment I walked through the door and spoke to Davnet for the first time I knew it was the right school for us. The school is cheery, bright and well organised. The staff, without exception, are warm, welcoming, kind and helpful. They do really fun and educational activities with the kids and have visits from a range of interesting people from firefighters to farmers to Gardai. The kids love it. They bake, draw, colour and do lots of sensory play. They have a lovely outdoor area with a playground, sandpit and bikes.

My third son has special needs and is extra vulnerable so I was apprehensive about him starting preschool. The staff at EMS have gone above and beyond the call of duty to care for him, welcome him, and make him part of the EMS family. I now feel like I’m dropping him to a home from home every day. He LOVES it and we will be so very sad to say goodbye to EMS in June this year.

10 out of 10 for Ennis Montessori School.

Karen Brennan

The first time I went into Ennis Montessori School was to collect my niece, Meadhbh. I was very late, after a mix-up in times, but Meadhbh was playing away happily and the Montessori teacher was really nice and understanding. It was a very good first impression of the place and, over ten years on, I still get that really warm and friendly vibe every day I walk in the door with my son Sean. His eldest brother Thomas was also in EMS for two years and, although 9 now, he still often fondly talks about his teachers from that time, Selena and Ciara. Sean had a great Teenyboppers year with Marie last year and he runs in the door every day now to Claire and Mary’s class, just as he did when he had Claire and Ashling teaching him before Christmas. The people in EMS always have, and continue to, make it such a warm, friendly and conducive place for our kids as they learn to take those first schooling steps in life.

Christy O’Connor

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Davnet and her dedicated team at Ennis Montessori school (EMS) for the excellent care and attention our son has received over the past 2 years at EMS. Special thanks to Clare & Aoife for their kindness & patience. EMS is a warm, caring, nurturing environment, enabling children to develop, grow & learn. There’s an impressively broad curriculum and children are introduced to many concepts; to explore their creativity, the natural world, music, arts, crafts & baking to name a few, and to learn social and personal skills to help them manage in the world. They learn how to work happily in an independent capacity but also in groups, enabling great friendships to be formed. Since our son started “big school”, we now avail of the wonderful afterschool service at EMS, where dinner is provided, homework is supervised before having fun with his friends.
We would have no hesistation in recommending EMS to other parents, it is a wonderful bridge between home and the start of primary school.

The O’Connor Family

All 3 of my children have attended Ennis Montessori School so I have been coming and going for the last 7 years. I can’t recommend highly enough Davnet and her staff, their number one priority is always the well-being of the children and they are so warm and caring towards every child, which most parents will agree is so important when you’re leaving your child with someone.

The range of activities and subjects are wide ranging too and no 2 days are the same, they do yoga, baking, art and craft just to name a few, plus they have special visitors such as Gardai, Paramedics, Firemen etc to educate the children on different jobs. If anyone was in two minds about sending their child here then don’t worry, they will not only be looked after but they will grow and flourish in this fantastic environment.

Dara Quinn

Davnet and all her girls are just so fantastic with all the children. I have had two of my kids spend two years each at Ennis Montessori School and with each class and each teacher we thought they had formed such a bond with their teachers how will they settle in the next class – because of the kindness, absolute love and patience at times!!! my boys just thrived in their new class and enjoyed learning and playing with these hand picked teachers.
I could go on and on – what they learn is amazing and the people that come into visit or the visits they do to the firestation, Lees road, the cinema etc. – all such wonderful experiences and memories.
As every mother wants for their kids – a home from home.

Kate Deegan

Ennis Montessori School to przedszkole, w którym profesjonalizm spotyka życzliwość, edukacja nie koliduje z zabawą a obowiązek jest przyjemnością.

Znam tę placówkę od niemal 10 lat (mam dwie córki, starsza była w EMS do 2014r a młodsza kończy w tym roku) i przez ten czas poznałam jej pracowników jako rzetelnych i pomocnych. Przedszkolanki potrafią w doskonały sposób nawiązać relacje z maluchami i długo po zakończeniu przedszkola pozostają w pamięci dzieci. Definitywnie polecam.

Anna Godzisz

Ennis Montessori School is a “Centre of Excellence” in the service that it provides to young children. Davnet and her wonderful staff are amazing! They ensure that the children’s’ interests & well being are what matters most. The curriculum for pre-schoolers is just bursting with so much that they are well set up for starting school. We are so lucky in Ennis to have such a gem on our doorsteps.

Sinead Lahiff

My daughter (6 years) has been attending the Afterschool in Ennis Montessori since September 2020. I am very impressed with the service. The staff are very kind accommodating and helpful and provide a safe warm caring environment. My daughter loves the range of arts and crafts activities they provide and really enjoys going to the service. I cannot recommend the service highly enough and I feel very lucky that my daughter secured a place in their Afterschool programme.

Eimear Farrell

My two boys both attended Ennis Montessori School from the age of 3 and since they started primary school, they both attend the Cara Club Afterschool Service. This is an excellent service for working parents and the boys absolutely love it! The staff of the Cara Club are always warm and welcoming, and they have a great routine for the children once they arrive back to Cara Club after school. They get their homework done first, and if they need any help the staff are always there to provide assistance to the children. The Cara Club also provide a delicious hot meal and there is always playtime outside which is great for the children to get some fresh air after a long day in classroom. The boys always have a smile on their faces when I pick them up in the evening and this is so nice to see and know that they are so well looked after. I would highly recommend the Cara Club to any working parent.

Fiona Maguire