Ennis Montessori School Curriculum

Junior Montessori

We have a Junior Montessori programme that takes into account the big transition for a child that is joining a pre-school setting. Our curriculum is based on the early stages of child development such as; learning to share, building friendships and gaining independence. This is done through free play, exploration and sensorial activities. Activities are child led, drawing on specific interests to form a fun and exciting curriculum

Senior Montessori

Our Senior Montessori programme is an extension of the Junior Montessori year. Montessori exercises progressively become more challenging to further develop each child’s skills. This mixed with an Aistear lead play-based approach makes for a unique, holistic curriculum. Children experience numerous visitors and excursions throughout the year which further compliment the overall classroom theme. We hope for each child to maximise their potential prior to starting big school.
Ennis Montessori School Siolta award

Ennis Montessori School has 20 years of experience in Childcare and from this, we create a well-referenced curriculum that will sow the seeds of interest for future learning.

We want the child’s learning and development to be a holistic experience and we achieve this through our daily routines. As we are Montessori based we treat each child as an individual and we provide a nurturing environment where the child can grow in confidence and self-esteem and reach their full potential.

Through interaction with parents and the wider community, we adapt the curriculum and it evolves to meet the needs of the child.

Apart from Language skills, Maths, History and Geography we offer an introduction to both Irish and integrate other languages to our classroom. We enjoy Cookery, Gymnastics, Yoga and Arts and Crafts.

At least once a month we have a visitor such as a dentist, a musician, dancers, Gardaí, paramedics and a lollipop lady.

We also take nature walks in Lees Road, a visit to the library and a special school tour at the end of the school year. All these extra activities stimulate and excite the children in our care.

After all Maria Montessori said
“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment”.

Ennis Montessori School Siolta award

Ennis Montessori School is fully compliant with Túsla as per the 2006 Childcare Regulations.

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